Artist Spotlight: Maison Hall

Artist Spotlight: Maison Hall

Rock music always has a way if standing out when it has that edge to it. When you hear the musicians taking chances in the music to make something truly game changing, as you hear music brought to life like no other. That type of music has long been the backbone of the genre, with it being infamous for bringing full layered sounds that are big time, to have a commanding presence on us all. That spirit runs wild in the project from Maison Hall called “Rose Coloured Everything”.

A 15 track, 40 minute project that is engaging in every way. The title alone builds a certain intrigue thats enticing and once you listen you realize you are getting a true master class. Each record being just as strong as the next with a full vision of artistry, that takes you on a real musical journey like classic albums before it times. A shining example of that is on a personal favorite like “Newsfear” that brings an exhilarating approach to make for something exciting with the production building to perfection and the vocals letting its presence be felt to bring the lyrics to life.

Maison Hall’s “Rose Coloured Everything” is a must hear project from a supreme band with style and attitude that makes you buy into their art. It holds nothing back and delivering an ultra statement of music with them being unapologetic in their approach, to make for an experience like no other. If you love great music that will shake your world up, you will have infinite reasons to love this new body of work.

Check out Maison Hall “Rose Coloured Everything” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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