The Coldest Featuring Chuck Indigo – Favor

The Coldest Featuring Chuck Indigo – Favor

There’s no denying the subjectivity of music. That special element to the art that leaves room for each body of work to be taken in countless based on the fans preferences. As much as music can separate us in opinion it can also bring us together, as we all know when something is just truly undeniable. That high caliber music that goes beyond preference and can be absorbed by anyone to be something great. That level of music is what you get from The Coldest on his new song “Favor” featuring Chuck Indigo.

The Coldest comes together with Chuck Indigo to live up to the artist name on the new song “Favor”. Understanding the importance of the time with the listener, this record wastes none with a high octane sound matched with high power lyricism that bursts out the seams as soon as you hit play. You not only enjoy the lyrics but the flows as well that make you buy into them, as you feel their strong commanding presence doing its work to make believers of us all, while enjoying this stand out body of work.

The Coldest featuring Chuck Indigo “Favor” is a must hear release from two supremely talented individuals who come together to make music like no other. In a time where you feel like you’ve heard it all this release shows just how much fresh life in music is out there, with a brilliant display of music being pushed to the forefront for the world to enjoy.

Check out The Coldest featuring Chuck Indigo “Favor” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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