Jayd Ink – Queen St

Jayd Ink – Queen St

Happy Friday!!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to kick off the weekend just right. Fridays are all about the fresh releases, with so much music to cover from some of our favorites as well as newer talent we get to enjoy and marvel at their artistry. A must hear talent that gives you all you could want from a new release and more is from Jayd Ink on the new song “Queen St”.

Jayd Ink brings a brilliant body of work that you can vibe to without limits on the new song “Queen St”. The sound captures a smooth soulful feel that she takes full advantage of as the waves of the music, take over. With this amazing sound you get an even more stellar vocal performance that shines in its presence and lets the transparent be felt just as much as its heard, with the music delivering for every second to make something truly must hear in every way.

Jayd Ink’s “Queen St” is a record that delivers in the audio as well as the visuals to bring a full scope of artistry to make us get closer to the person behind the music. It encompasses the journey that music can take you on with her giving us a glimpse of her life on this self reflective masterpiece, while still making something entertaining to keep us engaging and looking forward to what she does next.

Check out Jayd Ink “Queen St” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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