Everyone has their rules including us. We hardly ever post music without lyrics, unless it’s something impossible to pass on. That high caliber music that defies any rules or preference one can have, with a undeniable sound that the world must hear. That doesn’t come too often but when it does, we are more than excited to share. That is case with the new song from OddKidOut called “DISTORTO”.

OddKidOut makes an incredible work of art on the new song “DISTORTO”. The music grabs you instantly and brings you in to their world full of excitement, with an engaging sound that makes this record enjoyable for every second. The instrumentation is master class with layers to the music, that makes you listen repeatedly to catch each instrument, doing it’s work to the fullest as you enjoy the genre bending at a high level to make you enjoy the Trap touch to it that makes you vibe out without limits.

OddKidOut’s “DISTORTO” is that supreme level of music that gets the job done with sounds just right. The reasons to love this record is truly infinite, as each element come together to make one major cohesive sound. The art of music is on full display for us all to enjoy, with a masterpiece being brought for us all to witness and rock to.

Check out OddKidOut “DISTORTO” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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