Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to kick off the week just right. To start off the week we always try to bring the best releases to set the ultimate tone not only for what’s in stored, but to also get us out the drag that the beginning of the week can have. With this fresh release from NOT A TOY we know we are witnessing something quite special on the new song “BAD MOOD”.

NOT A TOY brings a must hear smash that you can vibe to for every second on the new song “BAD MOOD”. Everything about this release is engaging from the artist name, sound, and visuals that work in perfect sync to bring this artistic vision to life. The genre bending approach to the sound lets you enjoy the Hip Hop, Trap, and Commercial infused sound that lets you enjoy the mastery in it all, as the vocals flow right with it to ride the beat to perfection, to make sure the creative as well as relatable writing come to life to give us all something rock to.

NOT A TOY’s “BAD MOOD” is a stand out jam full of replay value to make fans of us all. It shines in its ability to bring something fresh and creative to the culture, with an infectious originality to it that makes you buy into the sound, as well as the people behind the music, If you’re looking for a fun experience of music this release will get you through and give you all you could want and more!

Check out NOT A TOY “BAD MOOD” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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