Ike Rhein – Summer Breeze

Ike Rhein – Summer Breeze

A song can last with us for many reasons. Whether its a certain feel that we’re looking for that resonates or the content in the writing that makes it stands out, the reasons why we can enjoy a record is something without limits. One of the main reasons we all can enjoy a record is the fun we have while hearing it. Those records that do a little bit of everything right to make something that stands out to us. With Ike Rhein he brings an ultimate jam with his new song “Summer Breeze”.

Ike Rhein brings a fun catchy bop to life to make a song just in time for the season on the new song “Summer Breeze”. The music is produced with a nice Pop feel that has a Surf touch to it that brings the grooves to the music, that does wonders to the spirit as you get engulfed in the waves of the music that flow effortlessly. As you get to feel the music you get to dive into the catchy writing that is well crafted in the verses and take off in the chorus to make this a record, that you will enjoy singing along to for every second of audio he gives us.

Ike Rhein’s “Summer Breeze” is a fun experience of music that simply makes the listener feel good while hearing it. The bright feel of the music lets it light shine on the listener to give them a joy from the sound that will surely keep them coming back for more, with an undeniable catchy sound that gets better with every listen.

Check out Ike Rhein “Summer Breeze” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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