Genra – Leaving

Genra – Leaving

Nothing stands out more in music especially Hip Hop when an artist leaves it all on the line. That relentless approach to the record that lets the soul of the artistry shine through and make a true genuine connection that can last a lifetime. Many of our favorite artists have long been able to do that and more to make us keep coming back for more and Genra’s new song “Leaving” is an incredible record that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Genra brings a daring display of art that you feel for every second on the new song “Leaving”. The strong sound in the production sounds like a call to action with great sample work and blaring horns setting the ultimate tone for the emceeing that commences. As the music pumps Genra holds nothing back and lets his words fire off with strong substance to the pen cutting up the beat, and his conviction filled delivery bringing it all home to make sure you feel every intricacy of the record to a religious level.

Genra’s “Leaving” is a record that is beyond just something dope but a true culture that can stand the test of time due to the heart and soul put into the music. Its supreme in every way as you get to hear true mastery from the production to lyrics that make for a great listen for fans everywhere to enjoy this culture we love called Hip Hop.

Check out Genra “Leaving” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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