DEVN Featuring Cuzo Key – Damn

DEVN Featuring Cuzo Key – Damn

Nothing grabs you like a fun sound that knocks. Those records that are captivating in their approach, as they shine musically, but gives you something that feels good to hear as well That type of music is what gives the culture life. That’s what you get from the new collaboration between DEVN and Cuzo Key on the new song “Damn”.

DEVN and Cuzo Key come together to bring slick rhyming and braggadocios flows that slide over their new song “Damn”. The production creates an exciting tone that takes you on a ride, as the trill sound and knocking 808’s play off each other to perfection. The lyrics are raw and unapologetic in the cool it brings, as each line stands out with a realism in the approach that makes you buy into it all majorly.

DEVN featuring Cuzo Key “Damn” is a must hear record filled with fun flashy engaging elements to make an incredible record, as well as music that embodies the entertainment aspect of music. It’s a raw piece of art that is captivating in every way, and brings more to the culture to vibe to just in time for Summer.

Check out DEVN featuring Cuzo Key “Damn” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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