Artist Spotlight: FRD

Artist Spotlight: FRD

Hip Hop has long been beyond just a music genre but a way of life. A culture of realism that fans everywhere come to for the soul in the music, that they feel from its artists as you make a connection with them like no other. The soulful element is what makes Hip Hop music such a powerful tool with it getting the people through, due to its transparency that shines through in some of our favorite records and that high level of transparency as well as soul is what you get from FRD on his new project “ICANTHEARYOU”.

A six track, 20 minute EP filled with chill vibes and introspective lyricism that makes for a great listen. The production does its part to slow down time for the listener to just listen to the music, while FRD lets his words fly at will with a smooth flow, that is masterful in bringing the lyrics to life. Each record does a great job of showcasing his talent, as well as the depth to his writing that grabs you as soon as you listen to the opener “Out of Place” that sets the ultimate tone with a stand out Jazz sound that rocks to the fullest. Just as well as he opens it he closes it as well the optimistic “Wondering” that is the perfect ode to his future self to bring it all home.

FRD’s “ICANTHEARYOU” is a stand out release from an artist who breathes fresh life to the culture. Its refreshing everywhere for fans all over, who look to still have that true intimate connection with the artistry and sounds, that uses it time with the listener to give them the real that will make it a timeless listen.

Check out FRD “ICANTHEARYOU” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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