Nickeal – OUT MY FEELS

Nickeal – OUT MY FEELS

Music can really be exciting when it’s done right. When an artist comes with that right energy that you know it’s real because feel it in every way. When that right record comes along that’s shining bright, you make room for it to glow as it’s that right thing to get you going. That’s what Nickeal has on his hands with the new song “OUT MY FEELS”.

Nickeal is nothing short of amazing on his new edgy track full of vibes called “OUT MY FEELS”. The production has plenty of knock with exhilarating 808’s knocking to the fullest, while Nickeal provides all the excitement in the world, with his infectious slick flow that is nonstop and engages you from the second he opens his mouth till the track ends. The lyrics are swagger filled and have that bravado you look for in Hip Hop music to get us all excited in the culture.

Nickeal’s “OUT MY FEELS” is an exciting record that runs it all the way up, as you vibe out to the music. The supreme skills from him command all of your attention and worth all of the praise, with him providing a superb performance over this exciting instrumental that helped showcase his high skill level in audio form. Greatness is in stored for this amazing artist with a talent that defies subjectivity.

Check out Nickeal “OUT MY FEELS” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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