Noiz Boyz – Medicine/ The Real Me

Noiz Boyz – Medicine/ The Real Me

Music such as life grabs you when experiencing something real. Always having its way of sticking with us when you feel the authenticity to it, music has long been something we come to for relatable substance, as we tune into see what the artists have to offer. When you get something you feel as the real deal it makes for something beyond limits, and that real feel is that you get from the duo Noiz Boyz on the new song “Medicine / The Real Me”.

Noiz Boyz brings a daring body of work to give the listener something real to be apart of on the new song “Medicine/ The Real Me”. The first half of the song you get a stripped down production that is perfect to let the lyrics shine, as Joe lets his words fly with masterful precision and conviction in the flow to make sure it all hits home in the delivery. To bring it all home it flows to the second half of the song with Charlie bringing a melodic approach to the vocals that vibes to the fullest, to make it all complete for us all to enjoy the full picture of artistry.

Noiz Boyz “Medicine/ The Real Me” is an impressive body of work that captures a true experience to be apart of. You get to go on a journey with the music and able to let it all come to life, with the power of their words working in perfect harmony with the sounds, to stop for us all to take in the vision just right to keep us coming back for more.

Check out Noiz Boyz “Medicine/ The Real Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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