Jaewon – St Claire

Jaewon – St Claire

No matter the many phases of music, or the countless trends that we are exposed to, there will always be certain things that will always work. Certain sounds that will forever resonate with the people, and be enjoyable for anyone who listens. One of those things is a soul sound. A sound that you feel in your spirit, as something real and great to be apart of. Thats what you get from Jaewon on his new song “St Claire”.

Jaewon brings you a sound full of soul to slow down time on the new song “St Claire”. The production has a strong Indie sound, that has a nice blues touch that sets the ultimate tone for the soul put into the music, with a sound you can feel right away. Jaewon is superb at putting emotion into his singing that brings the writing to life, as he gives his all at every turn to shine through it all and let it all be felt righteously.

Jaewon’s “St Claire” is a record with a timeless approach that the world will love. Its not only a record that sounds good to the fullest, but also a record that feels good to enjoy as you get an intimate experience of music that builds to perfection to take the listener on a journey, that will be worth the listen every time.

Check out Jaewon “St Claire” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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