J.O. The. Show – In My Body

J.O. The. Show – In My Body

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start off the week strong. To kick off the week we always bring the best music we can, to make sure we set the best tone for what’s to come. When dealing with music its hard to consider something best with everything being so subjective, but theres still some records that just shine above the rest. A record that is truly undeniable in its approach to make something must hear and J.O. The Show’s new song “In My Body” is one of those records.

J.O. The Show brings a daring must hear sound that grabs you for every second on the new song “In My Body”. The record is masterful at setting a tone, with the production having a cinematic sound filled with moving grooves to slow down and let everything fold. As the music flows J.O. feels like a calm storm with an in pocket flow that rides the waves of the sound to perfection, while the lyrics comes to life due to the details in the writing that come alive in the verses and takes off to the stars in the chorus.

J.O. The Show’s “In My Body” is a smash of a record that doesn’t disappoint to give his fans everywhere something to enjoy. It shines in its ability of being a musical master class with everything being done at a superb level in the sound, as well as the writing but even more it packs appeal to make sure it travels and touches as many people possible to put the world on notice of this major talent.

Check out J.O. The Show “In My Body” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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