CUBBY – 703

CUBBY – 703

There are plenty of reasons why a song can stand out depending on the genre, but in Rock music it truly stands out when it has a big time feel to it. That commanding approach to the song that captivates you with the big presence of the music that you can’t deny. That type of sound shines bright from CUBBY with their new song “703”.

CUBBY brings a stand out supreme sound that can light up the darkest day on the new song “703”. The music doesn’t waste a single second grabbing the listener, with commanding sound in the production that is lead with an alternative sound and driving guitars to set the ultimate tone. Once you catch the sound you fall in love with the vocals that are masterful in their tone to fit the music, as it delivers the writing to the fullest to make it a come to life in a real way.

CUBBY’s “703” brings a major sound that is supreme in every way. The music is layered to perfection to create a sound that you can get lost in, as you get to just be a fan of this incredible sound that is on full bloom. If you love good music, you will love everything about this fresh release that is ready to make fans of us all.

Check out CUBBY “703” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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