Ciao Lucifer – So Good It Hurts

Ciao Lucifer – So Good It Hurts

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to bring in the weekend just right. Fridays are not only exciting day for music lovers everywhere because of all the fresh releases, but we also make it a day of excellence to post the best music we can find. Music that we know can be recognized by any one as a great tune, as it defies the subjectivity of music. A record that does that and more is this new record form Ciao Lucifer called “So Good It “Hurts”.

Ciao Lucifer brings a major sound and strong writing to make one stand out hit on the new song “So Good It Hurts”. The production sets the ultimate tone with a nice breezy sound that makes you feel the optimism in the music, that shines throughout. As you get invested in the music that substance in the writing flourishes as it takes on self doubt and self acceptance to make it more relabel than ever, and delivered to the fullest by the vocal performance that is masterful in tone to make you feel it all righteously.

Ciao Lucifer’s “So Good It Hurts” is a brilliant display of music that does everything right to get us through. It’s musically supreme as each facet of the record does its part to make one sonically pleasing sound. It packs relatable substance as well as music you can feel to make a timeless body of work that is must hear.

Check out Ciao Lucifer “So Good It Hurts” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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