Charles Stif – Mauritius

Charles Stif – Mauritius

Music is something that we consumer so much, that we can forget that its an art form. The same way an artist puts a brush to a canvas to paint a picture for the viewer, to give the consumer something to marvel at, as well as feel something is the same thing a musical artist does through sound. Crafting custom art pieces that are layered to perfection to give the listener something that can last with them. This statement stands true with Charles Stif “Mauritius” who puts sounds together like no other.

Charles Stif is just on time with his perfect Summer night anthem “Mauritius”. The Island feel to the music slows down time for us all, to take in the magic of the sound that is layered to perfect to make something socially pleasing. The grooves in the music do wonders to the soul with you feeling it all in your spirit to make you want to move, while being guided by the sultry vocals that slid elegantly from the speaker to your ears, while being complimented with a smooth saxophone to take this over the top to make us fall in love with it all on this major listen.

Charles Stif’s “Mauritius” is a beautifully crafted record that serves as the perfect escape for the listener to get lost in. It’s easy listening in every way with it all being done at a high level to make something enjoyable for the masses. When you hit play you get a true experience that you can be a fan of, with every listen being able to find something new you love, as well as just a record that is fun to take in to keep us coming back for this just hear tune.

Check out Charles Stif “Mauritius” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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