Artist Spotlight: Dan Iris

Artist Spotlight: Dan Iris

Music always has a special connection when you feel it. Not only feel it but feel the love in the music. That timeless approach to the music that has long made music such a thing that must be apart of our lives, as well as being the spirit to so many songs that we’ve come to love. When you get a great love song you instantly cant wait to hear it again, because of the feeling and melodies in the music. Dan Iris captures the social art of love songs and more with his new EP “Stardust”.

A five song, 15 minute project that is masterfully put together to make the listener fall in love with music and his special talent. The project shines in many ways especially the writing that stands out in its articulation to make sure the love in it all shines through. He also brings a variety to the sound with the perfect blend of classic R&B matched with a nice commercial touch that gives it appeal like the record “Breathe Me In” that puts you in your feels for every second, as well as the title track “Stardust” the perfect send off for this body of work.

Dan Iris “Stardust” is the right statement of a project for this promising artist with unlimited potential. You hear the care put in to each record to a make a supreme body of work, with each aspect shining through in its own right to make one collection of music that gets better with every listen. If you’re looking for music you can enjoy, as well as love songs you can feel the soul in, you will surely be able to find everything you’re looking for and more from this must hear talent.

Check out Dan Iris “Stardust” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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