Jill Valentyne – Pivot

Jill Valentyne – Pivot

Something that is always exciting is an artist in their zone. That point in their artistry where its not about if the music will be good or not, but more so what direction they take their music, as they have reached a point where they cant miss. Not many artists reach this point, especially with something as subjective as much but Jill Valentyne is truly in her zone with her new song “Pivot”.

Jill Valentyne drops her hot new single “Pivot” off her new EP “GPS”. The music gets you invested immediately with a smooth sound full of vibes that feel good to take in, while she takes full advantage of the sound to make her artistic magic. Her presence is infectious and brings her signature flavor to the music that genre bends at a high level to give us something truly supreme, as the flex in it all shines through to make a sure fire hit.

Jill Valentyne’s “Pivot” is an amazing record that stands out in every way, as well as makes you want to hear her fresh EP full of sounds, and heartfelt writing to give us all we could want and more. If you’re looking for a great artist to get invested in Jill surely has something for the world, to buy into with. stand out music in every release.

Check out Jill Valentyne “Pivot” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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