SHOWTIME RAMON Featuring Chuuwee – Supercharged

SHOWTIME RAMON Featuring Chuuwee – Supercharged

Collaboration is always something great to witness, especially in music. some of the best records of our time have come form artists coming together with their own respective style, to make one undeniable body of work that shakes up the culture. On this new collaboration between SHOWTIME RAMON and Chuuwee you get a track that cant be denied in its pursuit to make must hear music.

SHOWTIME RAMON delivers some of his best work yet with his new super dope release “Supercharged” featuring Chuuwee. This record embodies everything it is for major talent to come together, with everything being done to a supreme level. The production sets the ultimate tone with a strong knock to it that lets you feel the pumping 808’s that they put a show on. Taking full advantage of the sound you hear their slick flows that let their words fly at will, as you get impressive lyricism in every bar, and knocks it out the park with a big time chorus to make it a record for the masses.

SHOWTIME RAMON featuring Chuuwee “Supercharged” lives up to the name with a sound that is truly jacked in to take over the world. You get an upper echelon record in every way with a superb approach that makes it resonate in a real way, because as much as the record shines in its quality, its even realer for us all because of how much you feel their presence to make fans of us all.

Check out SHOWTIME RAMON featuring Chuuwee “Supercharged” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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