Styliztik Jones – Destroy or Build (Prod by CyFyre, JEDI , and NDK703

Styliztik Jones – Destroy or Build (Prod by CyFyre, JEDI , and NDK703

Nothing is better in Hip Hop than an artist letting their presence be felt and words fly on a track. Letting their talent shine, and their confidence ooze though the speakers, for the listener to take in to the fullest. That type of music is exciting to hear and Styliztik Jones has that feel on his new song “Destroy or Build” produced by CyFyre, JEDI , and NDK703.

Styliztik Jones takes over a Mobb Deep classic with his new song “Destroy or Build” He takes over with a flow, that sounds like he’s ripping a cipher or doing a famous freestyle with his voice being filled with so raw conviction matched with hunger to be great. The approach is perfect to deliver his hard bars that are equipped with excitement in every line and the pen is impressively razor sharp and cuts this production that knocks into shreds by the time the record ends.

Styliztik Jones “Destroy or Build” is that top quality Hip Hop that will forever give the culture its pulse. He approaches his music with the ultimate focus and it shines on this amazing track. The lyrics are hard and pack a punch, the flow is high powered, and it’s all delivered on the right production to make this a stand out track you need to hear immediately.

Check out Styliztik Jones “Destroy or Build (produced by CyFyre, JEDI , and NDK703)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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