Beach Bums – IDGAF

Beach Bums – IDGAF

A song that grabs the most attention is one that’s disruptive. A record that goes beyond trying to make something hot for the moment, and brings a record full of life and engaging energy. That music is commanding and impossible to turn away from, as you get invested in every dip and turn the music takes you on. That commanding music is what you get from Beach Bums on the new song “Idgaf”.

Beach Bums clears the streets out with their genre bending sound on the new song “Idgaf”. The hard edge sound that combines hyperpop, trap, and hardcore blares out the speaker to not only give you something good to listen to, but a musical experience thats exciting to be apart of. The vocals are perfect for the raw lines and harsh delivery that compliments the menacing presence being right in pocket for the entire record that delivers in song, to make it a creative work of art that encompasses the originality music should have.

Beach Bums “Idgaf” is a rockstar level record that you won’t be able to get enough. They give the world a song that doesn’t waste a second, while showing the supreme skill they all posses. Its a daring display of music, that doesn’t hesitate to be great, and it pays off majorly for this one of a kind collective who are ready to put the world on fire.

Check out Beach Bums “Idgaf” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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