Melody Gad – Tropical

Melody Gad – Tropical

The Summer season is in full swing. Bringing hot weather with great vibes that makes everyone want to enjoy life more. Not only are people looking for festive times but they are also looking for the records that will fit these times. Those vibrant records that shine bright in their pursuit to make must hear music that will serve as the perfect anthems for the season. If you’re looking for the right record you will surely find it in Melody Gad’s new song “Tropical”.

Melody Gad delivers a hot record that is as hot as the Summer on the new song “Tropical”. The title is fitting with a world approach to the sound that is laced in smooth grooves that Melody’s vocals slide off of with ease to the listener’s ear to give us something sweet. His presence is infectious and makes you buy into the artistry that stands out in its presence, as you enjoy the sweet sound that is on full bloom and makes you want to move for every second he brings us.

Melody Gad’s “Tropical” is a record that feels good to hear and does wonders for the spirit to make fans of us all. You get the ultimate jam in the music with the record being layered to perfection to make something sonically pleasing, and truly worth every listen as the feeling of the music being something that makes you hope it never ends.

Check out Melody Gad “Tropical” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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