JULIA – Changed

JULIA – Changed

A true testament of a great artist is the connection they’re able to make with the listener. That experience of music that lets you resonate with not only the song at hand but the person behind the music, as you relate to to the substance to it that makes you feel like they understand you, at a high level. Those records have long been able to last the times with the people due to the truth put into it and that is what you get from JULIA on the new song “Changed”.

JULIA brings the perfect anthem for letting go on the new song “Changed”. As much as we can all be divided, its records like these that bring us together. The writing is one of this records greatest assets with great depth to the music, that allows the listener to connect to the lyrics at they come to life by the vocals that are warm, as well as strong in their tone to make it felt to that righteous level. This all takes place over an incrizbdle production that has the right mainstream touch to make sure its digestible for the masses to take in this promising hit by this must hear creative.

JULIA’s “Changed” is a statement of a record that does everything right to ensure a great listening experience for us all. JULIA is masterful in her approach to give the listener that extra special touch to the music, as you hear every part of the record working its magic to make one must hear sound that flows perfectly to make a stand out record we can feel in our souls.

Check out JULIA “Changed” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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