Gloomer – Drumjoy

Gloomer – Drumjoy

Music is meant to be alot of things including exciting. That fun experience that the music gives you, as you’re on the edge of your seat being engulfed by the music. That type of music will keep you listening till you can’t anymore, as it becomes an escape for the listener’s mind to run free. That type of music is what you get from this hot new record from Gloomer on the new song “Drumjoy”.

Gloomer brings a stand out record that you will love the innovation in on the new song “Drumjoy”. The song is a genre bending masterpiece, with a breakbeat and Lo-fi infused sound that will have you moving, as you feel the energy of the record to the fullest. Its masterful as bringing a vision to life that takes you to the days of having headphones and going on a journey of the sound, with each element doing its part to make something exciting to explore.

Gloomer’s “Drumjoy” is that music that makes things fun for music lovers every where. It dares to be great and the approach pays off majorly as you get a sound, that is too big to be put into any one box. If you’re looking for music that’s fresh and enjoyable, stop what you’re doing now and take in your new favorite song that you will want to keep on repeat for time to come..

Check out Gloomer “Drumjoy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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