SAeid AK – Kheili Khaase

SAeid AK – Kheili Khaase

One of the most enjoyable things about music is being exposed to new sounds. Having the privilege of being able to hear music in a fun way, as you are not only able to hear fresh sounds, but also fresh artists from all over that expose to music scenes that are pumping over the world. Its that experience that lets us not only explore good music, but also great culture and thats what you get from SAeid AK on the new song “Kheili Khaase”.

SAeid AK delivers a must hear Persian Pop love song on the new song “Kheili Khaase”. The music wastes little time getting the listener invested with a strong club feel, that brings the party right to the listener to make for an enjoyable experience. To match the sound you get an infectious vocal performance from Saeid that is perfect for the love story in the writing that takes the listener on a journey from start to end, to make it all complete to enjoy and explore.

SAeid AK’s “Kheili Khaase” is the ultimate jam that does everything to give us all something exciting in time for Summer. It excels in making a digestible creative sound that stands out with amazing production that makes you want to dance, strong vocals that shine in their presence, and the well crafted lyrics that are perfect in their articulation for this love story to come to life.

Check out SAeid AK “Kheili Khaase” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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