Artist Spotlight: KainThaBrain

Artist Spotlight: KainThaBrain

Hip Hop is a genre that gets more diverse by the day. So many tools out there at everyone’s disposal, you now hear a little bit of everyone trying their hand at the genre in their own way. With as many styles out there, it’s still no denying that soul is the underlying back of Hip Hop and the reason it is considered a culture. A culture that has long made a soulful connection through classic records that we feel in our core as something real. That feeling isnt always there in the music in today’s landscape but when you do come across it you love every second of, and that stands true with an artist like KainThaBrain’s new project “The Seasoning”.

A six track, 11 minutes beat tape that delivers to the fullest. You can hear the Dilla influence throughout while also showing of his own original sound he calls “LoSol (low soul)”. The mix of the Lo-fi sound and soul samples form the perfect marriage over this project with it wasting little tome getting you head to nod. His sound shines the most in track like our personal favorite “The Feeling of Winning” a smooth sound that embodies the title to the fullest, as the feeling of each groove making you feel on top of the world. Another stand out is the closer “If All Else Fails” a more laid back approach to the sound that slows down time and just lets you be a fan of the music.

KainTheBrain’s “The Seasoning” is an EP full of flavor that brings something fresh to the culture just in time for Summer. He’s able to say so much with no words, but with all sounds on this original body of work that encompasses the soul that makes Hip Hop records legendary, with a stand out body of work that you can just let play and rock out to.

Check out KainThaBrain “The Seasoning” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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