PAIR – Responsible Animal

PAIR – Responsible Animal

With music theres no denying the power of a big time sound. Those incredible records that waste little time getting you invested, with a going for gold approach to the music that makes it something you can shake, as the magic of it all develops into something undeniable. That type of music is always exciting to bare witness to and PAIR brings one of those releases on the new song “Responsible Animal”.

PAIR brings a big time sound that is ultra in every way on the new song “Responsible Animal”. As soon as you hit play you hear the layers in the sound working in perfect harmony, to make one sonically stand out sound, as each instrument being major in its approach. For the major sound you get a vocal performance that understands the assignment and rises to the occasion with a presence that shines through, to make the writing felt on this record that clicks on all cylinders.

PAIR’s “Responsible Animal” is a smash of a record that gives the world a reason to look out for this supreme group. The production sets the ultimate tone, the vocals are powerful in their approach, and the lyrics are well crafted to make sure we all get something out of this fresh release.

Check out PAIR “Responsible Animal” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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