Oktober X -LALA

Oktober X -LALA

Music always resonates when you feel the soul in it. Especially with a genre like Hip Hop that has a dedicated fan base like no other. When people come to Hip Hop they come for the real, that you cant get from any other genre. Thats what makes it such a big part of our lives and Oktober X’s new song “LALA” carries the soul that the genre is known for in a real way.

Oktober X brings the perfect storm of a super dope sound with super dope lyrics to make one must hear record on the new song “LALA”. The sound carries a smooth luxurious touch that lets you dream to the music as Oktober brings it all to life. Delivering impressive lyricism that is sharp in its approach, and raw in its delivery to make you feel the soul put into it, make a real connection with the listener that can last the times, with the artistry encompassing the art that is Hip Hop music.

Oktober X’s “LALA” is a record that does everything at a high level to breathe fresh life into the culture. As much as there is debate about if there is any integrity left in Hip Hop, this record shows that there is still great authenticity, and supreme elements left to make us lifetime fans of the genre, and artist alike.

Check out Oktober X “LALA” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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