Artist Spotlight: SkyLyne

Artist Spotlight: SkyLyne

With so much music out there it takes a lot more than just a good sound to catch people’s attention. Artists have to have a certain special quality to them that grabs you in a way most simply can not. Whether it’s the feeling you get while listening, or the creativity put into the music that makes you want to explore what they have to offer, it has to have a way of standing out. With a group like SkyLyne they check the board in a lot of ways with so much variety in their approach, you’re sure to fins something you like with their new project “Glitch” being a shining example of their work.

An 11 song, 38 minute project that has a touch of everything from Pop to Afro -Cuban to make must hear music. One of the most refreshing things about this project is the ambition in it, with a daring approach to each record that makes it exciting as you hear the chances being taken in the music, to make supreme audio for the world to enjoy. As soon as you hit play you get the intro “Killa” that gives you everything from Pop, Hip hop, and even a dash of electro to make one major sound, as well as the song “Trip” that shows how much variety this group, and their music have to offer.

SkyLyne’s “Glitch” is the perfect representation of the art that music is. Its polarizing in its approach and doesn’t look to fit into any one box or category, but shine in its town original unique sound that gets better with every listen, with the cohesive flow of the project showing the magic of a collection of songs being put together to make one loud statement for the world to hear.

Check out SkyLyne “Glitch” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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