Belbett – Bandolera

Belbett – Bandolera

Music has always done a great job of describing a wide array of themes and topics, especially love. Not only just blissful records that describe the euphoria, or even heartbreak jams, but also that us against the world feeling, that makes anthems for couples that feel like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Those records always make for a great listen as they give us the perfect storm of everything musically as well as emotionally and Belbett brings that feel on his new song “Bandolera”.

Belbett brings a smooth Reggaeton jam for couples everywhere to vibe to on the new song “Bandolera”. The ultra slick approach to the music slows done time, to capture the many intciiaes of this record that make it great. Bringing the vision to life in a masterful way with brilliant articulation in the lyrics that show the power of a well written song, that comes to life in the verses and takes off in the chorus. To deliver the writing and take the song over the top you get a vocal performance that is supreme in its tone, being able to convey emotion at a high level to make you feel the music, as it all flows through us to make us enjoy it in its entirety.

Belbett’s “Bandolera” is an impressive body of work that is easy listening in every way, with a special quality to the music that leaves the only work for the listener to do is hit play and enjoy. The production is amazing in setting the perfect tone for the artistry, the writing brings the concept to life, and the vocals deliver it all to make a record worth coming back to for time to come.

Check out Belbett “Bandolera” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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