Sara Diamond – Happy With Me

Sara Diamond – Happy With Me

Music is something that we always feel, and what’s realer than a break up anthem. We’ve long come to music to help cope as well, articulate our vulnerable thoughts and wishes, as we try to find a way to cope with it all to move. If you’re going through a break up at some point you will be searching for a song that helps relate to the situation, and if you’re looking for a fresh one you can find what you need with Sara Diamond’s new song “Happy With Me”.

Sara Diamond brings the ultimate vibe of a record to make a break up anthem thats right on time on the new song “Happy With Me”. As soon as you hit play you feel the masterful approach in the music resonate, with a chill feel to the sound that lets you slow down to take it all in. To match the sound you feel the presence of Sara that has a warm and confident tone in the singing, that lets the writing be taken in and felt by the listener with it being ultra relatable in its approach, to make sure its a record we run to when we need it most.

Sara Diamond’s “Happy With Me” is a record that keeps on giving with everything hitting the mark to make an enjoyable bop, with a timeless approach. The production is perfect in its tone setting, the writing is well crafted to make it something we can relate to, and the vocals makes us feel it all to make a genuine connection that cant be faked.

Check out Sara Diamond “Happy With Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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