Milly McJaggurr – No Honor

Milly McJaggurr – No Honor

No other genre holds the responsibility of being authentic quite like Hip Hop. A genre of music that has reached a point of becoming a lifestyle, for it’s fans and performers. People come to the music to hear that realism, that they can feel and buy into as we all tune in to see who we should be invested in. Milly McJaggurr is one of those stars on the new song “No Honor”.

Milly McJaggurr brings an exhilarating body of work that keeps you on the edge of your seat on the new song “No Honor”. The production sets things off perfectly, with a hard beat that captures his sound to the fullest, to give it that knock you buy into. Milly lets his presence be felt with an infectious touch to his swagger, that makes you feel his bravado majorly, as he delivers with poise and conviction. The lyrics are raw in the verses and matched with a high energy chorus that you can hear going crazy everywhere.

Milly McJaggurr’s “No Honor” is that must hear music that delivers in the audio and visuals alike to give a full scope of entertainment. This record understands people come to music for an experience, as well as feel something real, that delivers in every way. From the production having the right amount of bounce to make you move, the hard lyrics, and the ultimate conviction in the flow to make it connect on every level.

Check out Milly McJaggurr “No Honor” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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