Kitt – State of Mind

Kitt – State of Mind

Connecting with an artist, is sometimes the same as connection a regular person. Being able to make the best connection when the experience is intimate. Hearing the music and feeling like the artist talking to you directly, with a special feel to the sound that makes you slow down and feel the soul put into the art, resonates with yours to make you connect with the music, as well as the person behind the music. That type of experience is what you get from Kitt on the new song “State of Mind”.

Kitt brings a brilliant display of art to life on the new soulful masterpiece “State of Mind”. The melancholy guitar strums and magic harmonies set the ultimate tone, for the intriciaes in the music to resonate with the mastery in the approach doing wonders to make us feel the music right away. With the waves of the music flowing, Kitt’s impressive vocals shine through even more with the soul she puts into the record, making the writing come to life, to make sure we not only hear the music in a real way but also feel it to make it a timeless release to get invested in.

Kitt’s “State of Mind” is a record that delivers in every way to give us something real to be apart of. It marvels at bringing a master class of music to life, with each element being done at a high level in its own right, to come together in a divine way to make for a record that gets better with time, to make sure its something we dont want to miss out on.

Check out Kitt “State of Mind” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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