Kadeema – Lately I’ve Been Hoping

Kadeema – Lately I’ve Been Hoping

Music has many reasons on why its such a big part of our lives. So many different elements to it that can take us on a ride of emotions, to even more feel like something we can count on when we need a reason to keep going, or just need to hear someone understand how we feel. That’s one of music’s greatest powers with it being able to pour into the listener like no other. Kadeema catches that magic in their new song “Lately I’ve Been Hoping”.

Kadeema brings a powerful sound and strong writing to bring us together on the new song “Lately I’ve Been Hoping”. The production sets the perfect tone for the message, with a great Alternative Rock sound with a indie touch to slow down time for us to feel the music just as much as we hear it. Letting it all flow in its own divine way, you hear the soul and emotion put into the vocals thats perfect for the substance to writing that captures the times we are in perfectly, to make must hear body of work that stands true.

Kadeema’s “Lately I’ve Been Hoping” is a brilliant release for this amazing duo that gives you a true experience of music to be apart of. It does everything right musically with every moving part of the record, doing its part to make one major sound, but also the spirit of the music making that real connection with the listener to keep us coming back for more.

Check out Kadeema “Lately I’ve Been Hoping” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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