Jordan Jones – Flawless

Jordan Jones – Flawless

Music has long served as an escape for us all. That thing we can go to after a long day and hit play on one of our favorites records, that lets us just feel the vibe of the music as unwind, as the beauty of the sounds we are hearing let us chill for a moment. Those type of records always have room in our rotation of music we take in, and Jordan Jones bring that type of feel on the new song “Flawless”.

Jordan Jones lives up to the title on this record delivers a super cool infectious sound on the new song “Flawless”. The record does a perfect job of matching the soul of R&B music, the commercial appeal of Pop music to make it the ultimate must hear record. He brings a super smooth sound to life with the production setting the ultimate tone, and the vocals being masterful in their tone to make you feel the writing just right, on this record that doesn’t miss in its pursuit to make must hear music for the world to enjoy.

Jordan Jones “Flawless” is a sweet record that makes life more enjoyable by its sheer presence. The music feels good to the point you can just be a fan of it, with stand out approach that defies the subjectivity of music to make something special, that you will want to keep coming back to for time to come.

Check out Jordan Jones “Flawless” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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