Dude It’s Nolan x Hunter Williams – Legitness

Dude It’s Nolan x Hunter Williams – Legitness

No other genre of music embodies camaraderie like Hip Hop. A genre that started off with posse’s linking up to see who has superior skills at they let their words fly in a real way. Some of the most legendary records have come from artists coming together and just tearing a track down to get the culture excited about the music thats coming to life. With a new track like “Legitness” from Dude It’s Nolan and Hunter Williams, you get a record thats impossible not to marvel at.

Dude It’s Nolan and Hunter Williams put together a lyrical onslaught that doesn’t slack in any way on the song “Legitness”. The production has a strong commanding sound with hard percussion and blaring horns that have a nice celebratory touch, that makes you become engaged to the record. With the tone set each emcee firs off at will, with flows full of presence and charisma to make the sharp lyrics cut through even more, as each line pops out just as well as the next to make sure by the track is done we know they are some of the best out there.

Dude It’s Nolan and Hunter Williams “Legitness” is a top tier release that shows the power of true lyricism. They are able to capture a vibe that people want to hear, while also bringing master class emceeing to pour into the culture that needs real music now more than ever. If you’re looking to hear supreme lyricism you can stop your search on this stand out record today!

Check out Dude’ It’s Nolan and Hunter Williams “Legitness” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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