Bigga$tate x Spenzo – Mr Bigg Steppa Freestyle

Bigga$tate x Spenzo – Mr Bigg Steppa Freestyle

Hip Hop is a genre that truly gets more crowded by the day. With the tools to make music so accessible you can hear music from everywhere, from a little bit of everyone as everyone tries their hand at this ever growing genre. As much as the competition rises its always the best that find a way to stand out and Bigga$tate and Spenzo are some of the best you will her with the new “Mr Bigg Steppa Freestyle”.

Bigga$tate and Spenzo come together to puts on a master class on the new song “Mr Bigg Steppa Freestyle”. There’s no denying their talent with each artist having a commanding presence to them that is impossible to ignore, with a flex in the approach that makes you buy into the artistry instantly. As you get invested in the flows you get to really dive into the impressive lyrics that stand out in their delivery and lets their words fly all over this infectious hard production that sets the ultimate tone for the show they bring to life.

Bigga$tate and Spenzo’s “Mr Bigg Steppa Freestyle” is a supreme body of work that showcases the talent they have to offer the world to the fullest. Its engaging in every way and makes for a major listen as every facet of the music being done in exemplary fashion, to put the culture on notice of these must hear records who are ready to take off in a major way.

Check out Bigga$tate and Spenzo “Mr Bigg Steppa Freestyle” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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