Bec Sandridge – Cost of Love

Bec Sandridge – Cost of Love

Music is real when you can feel it. That special touch to the music that makes it resonate beyond just great music to hear, but something you make a true connection with that makes you want to get lost in the music. Those type of records is what keeps us so invested with music, with it being able to give us something more to add to our daily life, and Bec Sandridge brings that type of experience on the new song “Cost of Love”.

Bec Sandridge brings a stand out alt pop sound full of innovation on the new song “Cost of Love”. The retro touch to the music gives you something familiar, while still feeling so fresh as the simmering synths bring bright lights to the music that makes it shine in its major appeal. For the big sound you get a commanding vocal performance that shines through it all, with a magical presence that lets the writing shine to the fullest, and even more in the chorus that takes this record to its rightful destination of must hear music.

Bec Sandridge’s “Cost of Love” is a brilliant body of work that gets better with every listen. Its high quality music you can get lost in with a big time approach to it all that asks you marvel at every moving element of the record that does it part to make sure we get something we can feel, as well as enjoy listening to on this song that has something for fans everywhere.

Check out Bec Sandridge “Cost of Love” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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