Zach Paradis – Now I Know

Zach Paradis – Now I Know

The world is moving faster than it has ever been. Constantly so many things are being put into the world, that doesn’t leave much room to slow down, but something always makes you slow down is a great song. A record that filled with emotion, that allows you to take time to feel. That real experience is what you get from Zach Paradis on his new song “Now I Know”.

Zach Paradis puts his soul into the music on his new song “Now I Know. This song captures the art of ballads perfectly, with it being filled with pure emotion that resonates with the listener. The production sets the tone masterfully with a smooth digestible that sets the ultimate tone to bring more life to the brilliantly written story. Vocally Zach gives his all and you feel the passion and desire in each note to make it a experience like no other.

Zach Paradis “Now I Know” is a amazing record that high the mark in every way to make something must hear. For every second he gives you more, than the next with resonating substance that keeps you engaged, with the vulnerability in his delivery that conveys emotion brilliantly. If you love good music and even more music you can make a true connection with, you will love everything about this special record.

Check out Zach Paradis “Now I Know” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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