softend – induratize

softend – induratize

Music connects like no other when the artist puts their life in the music. That authentic music that keeps it real and goes beyond just making music that people thinks sounds good, but that more people come to music for to get through life. Being real in the music is what makes it most relatable and that’s what shines bright on softend’s new song “induratize”.

An emotive melancholy song for the dreamers is what you get from softend on the new song “induratize”. Music always makes a special connection when its real and the vulnerable approach to the music pays major dividends for this special creative. The Punk/ hyperpop inspired sound brings the raw energy to life, and matched perfectly with a vocal performance that conveys emotion just right, while he takes us on a journey through the writing to bring it all to life to make for an experience like no other.

The new release “induratize” is that high class music one listen will never be enough for. The more you listen to it the more you feel it and love it with pure emotion to the sound, that will have you vibing to the music at a religious level. If you’re looking for good music to get into, as well as an artist you can get invested in then check out this must hear talent now!

Check out softend “induratize” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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