Olivia Penalva – Judge Away (Official Music Video)

Olivia Penalva – Judge Away (Official Music Video)

Now more than ever people are looking for a vibe to the music. That music that captures a certain feeling that makes you enjoy the texture of the music, just as well as the sound of it. Those records are able to stand out more than ever, and even more when it pours into the listener with positive affirmations that you can take with you, through this thing called life. That’s what you get from Olivia Penalva’s “Judge Away”.

Olivia Penalva makes a big time anthem for the world rooted in substance for the people to enjoy with her new single “Judge Away” . The music has a fresh commercial sound that stands out, with an acoustic touch that allows the writing to shine. Her vocal approach is warm in its tone and a joy to hear, as the creativity in her writing shines, to make the listener tap into their own beauty and magic that helps us accept ourself.

Olivia Penalva’s “Judge Away” is a pop masterpiece that checks every mark in a stellar way to make it a stand out body of work. The record feels just as good as it sounds, with a supreme quality to it that makes it enjoyable beyond limits. The writing is amazing in its articulation to deliver gems that shine to the fullest, the emotion in the vocals makes it realer than ever, and the sound catapults it all to make an out of this world smash.

Check out Olivia Penalva’s “Judge Away” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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