0171 – The Utopians

0171 – The Utopians

There’s some thing so refreshing about. record that is right on time. A song that you hear and it fits the time so perfectly, as the music and what people hear are on the same wavelength in perfect harmony. That type of timing doesn’t always happen for artists but when it does its truly something special to be apart of and 0171’s new song “The Utopians” is that and more.

0171 brings the perfect breezy sound just in time for summer on the new song “The Utopians”. The sound wastes little time getting you invested, with a smooth bright feel to it that slides perfectly out your speakers into your ears, to make something enjoyable. Working just right with the music you get a masterful vocal performance that has its own unique tone to make you feel the life, put into the writing come alive to make it a divine listen thats effortless in its approach to make something must hear.

0171’s “The Utopians” is an easy song to love with everything being done right to make fans of us all. They continue to marvel musically, with every release getting better with the quality and polish to the approach to make it stand out as a hit full of appeal that anyone who loves music can hear the genius in.

Check out 0171 “The Utopians” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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