partimama – Mamma Loves Ya!

partimama – Mamma Loves Ya!

The power of music is an infinite one. One that can be wide ranging with the ability to really to pour into the listener. When you get a chance to get the listener’s ear, as an artist its important to use that time to give the people something of substance. Something makes their life better because of what you decided to pour into them, and partimama uses her time with the listener to give them something more that they need more than ever on the new song “Mamma Loves Ya!”.

A celebratory anthem that the world will love is what is served on a silver platter by partimama on the new song “Mamma Loves Ya!”. On the surface you get a danceable jam that has a nice 90’s house/ EDM feel that just makes you feel happy hearing the music, but when you listen closer you get something much more. Getting pure substance and positive affirmations in the record that gives the listener something special to take way with them, and its all delivered by an infectious vocal performance that sounds just as happy as the music delivered.

Everything that one could want from a record is what is delivered on “Mamma Loves Ya”. It takes you back to the days of music feeling and being happy, with the positivity in the approach shining through to make fans of us all, while we get lost in the beauty of it all to make a record worth coming back to for time to come.

Check out partimama “Mamma Loves Ya!” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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