Jengho – Mediterranea – She’s everybody’s Baby

Jengho – Mediterranea – She’s everybody’s Baby

Music has long been something special that has united us, as well as exposed to the world around us. Long from the days of music just coming from one specific place, you can now hear great music from any part of the world, with rocking jams that gets the job done in a real way, as well as get us familiar with other styles out there. Jengho brings a world sound that marvels in every way on the new song “Mediterranea – She’s everybody’s baby”.

Jengho brings an awesome sound that pumps to the fullest to make the world want to dance on the new song “Mediterranea – She’s everybody’s baby”. The sound live up to the title with a sound that is packed with Mediterranean grooves, that you feel in your bones to the point you have to move, as the music flows out the speaker to make for an experience to get lost in. It’s masterful at setting a tone, as well as progressing with masterful transitions that makes it engaging for every second of audio that comes to life to make fans of us all.

Jengho’s “Mediterranea – Shes everybody’s baby” is a song that encompasses the joy and magic that music is known for with a sound, that feels good to hear. The brilliance in the music is what makes it travel, with a mastery in the approach that makes the instruments and many intricacies of the sound work in perfect harmony to make something major that is worth every listen you have to give it.

Check out Jengho “Mediterranea – She’s everybody’s baby” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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