Zaram – ShinE!

Zaram – ShinE!

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to have an even better week. To kick off the week we always try to bring the best content out there we find, to help add more life to a day that can be a drag. This is only possible by covering must hear artist with a special quality to them that cant be denied and Zaram has that special feeling with his new song “ShinE!”.

Zaram brings a high energy creative sound to make for an engaging experience like no other on the new song “ShinE!”. His presence is instantly infectious with a charisma to his style that is the things of stars, to make you become a fan of the work that comes to life for us all. He not only impresses in his flow approach, but the writing is great as well with slick substance that is perfect over this engaging production that knocks to the fullest to make it all click just right.

Zaram’s “ShinE!” is everything that makes not only discovering new music fun, but also a new artist. The sound is fresh and makes it stand out from the usual with a creativity that is met with high grade innovation to show much room is left, for originality in music with this record being a shining example of that fact.

Check out Zaram “ShinE!” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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