Artists everywhere are always looking for a way to stand out. Especially present day where there are more artists than one can have time to get into. To stand out it can be approached in a few different ways, but one of the best ways is being creative. Having a distinct sound that separates your music from everything else out, and makes people want to come to you, just to hear your original work. That engaging creativity is what shines the most about Neville with her new song “VINCENT VAN GOGH”.

A fresh stand out sound full of appeal is what you get Neville on her new song “VINCENT VAN GOGH”. The artist name alone makes you want to see what this special talent sounds like, and when you hit play you get to enjoy the beauty of it all. The electro pop approach to the sound sets the perfect tone for her art, with a progressive sound that is layered to perfection, to bring us into her world. As you enjoy the sound, you’re able to enjoy the singing that has a sweet tone full of charisma, that delivers the writing to perfection to make sure this song connects in every way possible.

The innovation that makes music fun to discover is what will keep you coming back to hear this incredible record. It sets its own wave to stand out, and gives us something that thrives in its originally and innovation, while still having commercial digestibility to it to make it a sure smash that people all over the world can enjoy for time.

Check out Neville “VINCENT VAN GOGH” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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