Lazer Viking – Bored in Jeans

Lazer Viking – Bored in Jeans

Everyone is always looking for something entertaining and music has long served that purpose. Being able to hit play on a record and go on a journey of sound that keeps you engaged. One of the best ways to have that experience, is getting to hear an artist dare to take chances in their approach. Bringing a certain level of innovation that brings a fresh sound to the forefront to hear music in a way, that you haven’t before. That fresh experience is what Lazer Viking proves on the new song “Bored in Jeans”.

Lazer Viking showcases tremendous talent with his electro sound that you must hear on his new song “Bored in Jeans”. The 80’s feel in the production works wonders for the sound, with the music setting the tone for the brilliance he displays in his artistry, with it all progressing just right to keep us all engaged. For this sound you get amazing writing that is the thing of hits with very well crafted verses, and a big time chorus, delivered by his big time vocal performance to make it a sure it all hits with masterful precision.

Lazer Viking’s “Bored in Jeans” is a record that can be described with so many complimentary words , that is nearly impossible to find one word to detail the level of music this is. Everything about the music is stellar in every way, with each element of the record playing it’s part to a divine level on this meant to be jam that anyone who listens will love the creativity in.

Check out Lazer Viking “Bored in Jeans” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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