Heather Sommer – ME TO A STRANGER (feat MOTHICA)

Heather Sommer – ME TO A STRANGER (feat MOTHICA)

Music is in one of it’s purest forms when it’s disruptive. That commanding energy to the music that makes it stand out in a way, that most sounds don’t otherwise. When most songs stay in a box, it’s always refreshing to hear songs that are too special in their approach to be in any box, as the creativity bursts out the seams of it to give us that more we are looking for. Heather Sommer brings that sound with the new must hear record “ME TO A STRANGER” featuring MOTHICA.

Heather Sommer connects with MOTHICA to let her sound run wild to bring a genre bending work of art on the new song “ME TO A STRANGER”. The song is beyond just music to listen to but a thrilling experience, that keeps you engaged for every second. The music brings a Electro, Pop, and Rock, infused sound that gives you everything you love from each genre, to make one socially pleasing tune. The exhilarating sound is complemented by a strong vocal performance that is raw and fun to take in, to make you enjoy the writing to the fullest, on this stand out smash the world will love.

Heather Sommer featuring MOTHICA “ME TO A STRANGER” is a song you hear that doesn’t give you a chance to decide if you like it or not, with an undeniable presence to the music that grabs you instantly, and shakes up your world in the best way possible. If you’re a fan of good music, this song will give you infinite reasons to fall in love with the defiant sound that rides it’s own wave to greatness.

Check out Heather Sommer featuring MOTHICA “ME TO A STRANGER” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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