Cooking Class – Makeup

Cooking Class – Makeup

Nothing takes on the task of bringing light to issues quite like music. For ages people look to music to say things, that sometimes we can’t ever get the words for, as we listen to music that says exactly how we feel no matter the subject. When music is relatable, as well as something you can feel, you forever run to it when you need it most, because of the soul and relatability of the music. That’s what you get from Cooking Class on their new record called “Makeup”.

Cooking Class brings the perfect storm of enticing melodies and deep writing on the new song “Makeup”. When you hear the music, you instantly want to get lost in the music, with every element in the production making you feel the breeze of the bubbly sound for every second. To match the sound you get an amazing vocal performance that brings nice appeal, as well as unique signature tone to make you feel the writing, that articulates fake personalities we all come across, to make something the world can definitely feel.

Cooking Class “Makeup” is a record that truly has something for everyone to enjoy. You get brilliant production that creates a fun sound you can rock to, but also incredible singing that brings the writing to life, that has that extra depth for casuals and purists to enjoy alike.

Check out Cooking Class “Makeup” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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