Lucid Kidd – Nothing Back

Lucid Kidd – Nothing Back

Music is something that will forever be a thing a preference but something that cant be denied is a major talent. Someone that you as soon as you hear them, know that they are the real deal with their skills shining through in a way that most artists don’t. An artist that has that high level of talent is Lucid Kidd and its ever so apparent with his new song “Nothing Back”.

Lucid Kidd does everything right to make a smash hit with his new song “Nothing Back”. He does a masterful job of blending a high appeal commercial sound, with a melodic Hip Hop approach to make for one sonically amazing sound. The energy in the flow is one of its greatest assets with a flow that goes in waves to let the listener ride the sound with ease, as the lyrics come to life to make us enjoy this mega release with no limits.

Lucid Kidd’s “Nothing Back” is a stand out release for this growing talent that is on his way to the top. He delivers musically in the audio at a high level, while also letting his star presence stand out in the visuals to bring a full vision of entertainment to make fans of us all.

Check out Lucid Kidd “Nothing Back” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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